Hit the lighting sweet spot today.

Feeling autumn already ft. New hat 🍂🍃🍁 #me

Chronic bitch face 💀 #ilookdead #selfie #bitchface #analfisting #me

I got a kitty and his name is Salem 🌜👻🎃🔮🌛 #me #personal

Went kitty shopping with my mom 🐈💕 #me

Hospital hangs, but in a less fun way. #me #personal

#me #personal

"I’m not happy a lot of the time, but when I saw that he kept my shirt wrapped up in a drawer so it still smelled like me, I smiled bigger than I have in a long time. Miles are never permanent, you know? I don’t care what everyone says. I’ll kiss his back someday and know what it feels like to mean everything to someone. I can hold on for that." #personal #me #art #notmyart #myquotethough

My little friends are growing 🌿🌻🌿 #plants #me #personal

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Adventures with my best friends! (And Bri’s little sister)

Yesterday was just really magical. I wouldn’t trade the hours laughing in Bri’s car for anything. I can’t even describe how lovely it was to see the sun set over the lake, watch the stars go by as we’re singing horribly and driving along, and watch the sun rise on our way home with the cool mountain air flowing in the window and Jen’s feet resting on my lap. These people make me the happiest I’ve ever been. Everything they do, even down to breathing, is beautiful.

Life may be hard, but at least it doesn’t feel so dreary anymore.

Yesterday was so beautiful :’) #me

Lake Tahoe adventures! 🐟 #me

Forgot to post this little one 🌜🌝🌛 #me