"I have chronic bitch face."

"You should have chronic smiley face!"

Relaxing in the car while mom is at her doctors appointment. I don’t want this book to end! #me

Can we just take a sec to appreciate my beautiful posterior. #me

Sick selfies heck yeah #me

I sort of miss my bangs :( #throwback #me

I like wearing lipstick as dark as my soul. #me

We both look better in the dark, so I’ll do it while we’re sleeping. #seahaven #music #whitagram #selfie #me

I don’t remember if I posted this or not…oh well. Here’s my tired as heck face. At least my hair is getting super long now :) #me

This is still one of my favorite photos, simply because my hair and mouth looked nice.

Dec 31st 2009

I got a ton of cute photos of Jen, Brandon, and Bri. I love them so much! And the trip was incredible (until we hit that deer…but hey! A little car accident can’t spoil our fun.)

Me and my best friends went to Goat Rock Beach (where part of The Goonies was filmed) to celebrate my and my little brother’s birthday!

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New icon :)

Watching old home movies with my parents and grandpa :’) #homemovies #little #me #personal

Whoever said fat people shouldn’t wear tight clothes was dead wrong. I just found my favorite dress. :)