Took this a few days ago in El Dorado Hills with my babes. ☀ #california #sunset #photography #nature #travel #bestfriends #me #personal


It was silly of me
To expect you at 3AM
When the burden of my thoughts
Could not be held
On two shoulders.
It was silly of me
To think that my tears
Should fall on your shirt
And burn like acid
Through your skin
To reach something
Deep inside of you.
It was silly of me to think
That I meant that much.

Personal fav.


Feelin hella cute in my H&M crop top 🌟💕 #me

Feelin hella cute in my H&M crop top 🌟💕 #me

This is what happens when I’m up past midnight.

I don’t want to track you down in our forties
And explain that it has always been you.
I don’t want to wake up some Sunday morning
Twenty seven years from now
And pinch the cheeks of a lover
Only to wish they would flush
Like yours did when you laughed.
I don’t want to have to try my damnedest
To remember the spelling of your last name
And the street you lived on
When you were eighteen
Because I’m grasping at straws
To find you.
Why should I have to
When you’re already here?

Hit the lighting sweet spot today.

Feeling autumn already ft. New hat 🍂🍃🍁 #me

Chronic bitch face 💀 #ilookdead #selfie #bitchface #analfisting #me

I got a kitty and his name is Salem 🌜👻🎃🔮🌛 #me #personal

Went kitty shopping with my mom 🐈💕 #me

Hospital hangs, but in a less fun way. #me #personal